Fund Pulse Financial Software

Bloomberg Integration

  • We develop custom Order Management Systems (OMS) for our customers fully integrated with Bloomberg EMSX.
  • Fundpulse Portfolio Management System integrates with Bloomberg at multiple levels including pricing and securities information.

Mifid 2

  • Are you ready for MIFID2 ? We are helping Investment firms improving their technology platform, let us help you.
  • We can help in the preparation of transaction records for Investment Firms who want to submit directly to the FCA.


  • Achieve STP at your firm with a fully automated platform.
  • Optimise trading execution across multiple accounts or funds.
  • Monitor for compliance breaches in real-time.
  • Send trading activity reports, trading allocations, or your own custom generated report automatically.

Professional services around the FundPulse solution enable you to gain immediate value from the system, streamline operations and cut costs. Combining the strength and flexibility of FundPulse with our business and technical services provides a world class solution that will help you drive true competitive advantage.

FundPulse provides real-time visibility into the complex operational processes required in today's hedge funds of all sizes.

From pre-trade compliance to post trade reporting and NAV, FundPulse offers 360 degree drill-down capability and continuous control of the master and feeder funds, helping to manage operational and counter-party risk.

Hedge funds can use FundPulse to report a variety of measures from Positions to P&L to Leverage and more over a diverse set of instrument types, with built-in support for long and short positions, collateral and margin management as well as flexible reporting by fund, trader, strategy, deal or more.


We are a technology company with an extensive experience in the development of complex and real time applications for the finande industry.

Our team has successfully developed software for Manks, Governments, Hedge Funds and Research & Development companies.

eHedge turns technology into a competitive advantage by tuning and customizing our products to meet the demanding requirements of our customers.

In the fast changing world of asset management systems, eHedge products will not only bring a company peak performance today, but can also be rapidly adapted as the needs change or grow in the future.