Fund Pulse Financial Software

Back and Middle Office Outsourcing Services

Reporting Services

Custom built regulatory reporting services tailored to your needs.

UCITS Compliance Services

Pre and/or post trading compliance monitoring services for UCITS funds. Fundpulse comes preloaded with Ucits compliance rules and our team can monitor and alert you before a breach occurs when used in conjunction with our Order Management System (OMS Module) and Pre-Trading services.

Professional services

Our professional services team is ready to partner with you and discuss your trading and/or operating requirements. Projects may vary from customized reports to full software development.

Database Administration

Our team can help you improve your existing database and server needs. We can also work with you on Cloud migrations and performance analysis.

Back and Middle Office Outsourcing Services

Our team of professionals can help your company with any of the very time consuming Back and Middle Office tasks.

Highly trained professionals with years of experience in the field will ensure you can focus on your core business while we take care daily administrative tasks.

Business Continuity

We can review your business continuity requirements and help you fulfil the most challenging requirements of business continuity and disaster recovery.