Fund Pulse Financial Software

Portfolio Management System

Compliance & Regulatory Reporting

Identify compliance breaches and take immediate action; scheduled reports generation and dispatch.

Activity Reporting

Daily trading activity reports, MIFID 2 reporting ready. IF you are an Investment Firm with transaction reporting obligations we can help you to become and MDP and deliver your transactions reports directly to the FCA.

Order Management

Order management system, including execution optimisation and automatic post execution fill import module. Easy to setup integration with Bloomberg and EMSX.

Portfolio Accounting

General ledger structure where you can post journal entries, produce trial balance reports across a customizable hierarchical chart of accounts.

Mass Allocation

Allocate trades across multiple accounts, strategies, and funds using predefined asset based algorithms or we can implement you own allocation algorithm.

Cash Management

Manage all cash transactions, trade settlements, margin, coupons. Run cash projections.

Real Time Positions

Monitor positions in real-time at a company level, by account, strategy, trader or any user-field in a pivot like reporting tools with slice and dice capabilities.

Real Time P&L and NAV

We monitor NAV and P&L in real time.


Fundpulse is constantly rising events in real-time based on portfolio changes as a result of market fluctuations, self-reconciliation processes, administrator reports and reconciliation, etc. Power users can easily listen to these events to build powerful risk monitoring systems or third-party tools.

Security Master

Ability to register any kind of asset manually, from automated feeds or data providers like Bloomberg.

Multiple Data Providers

Ability to have multiple data providers and selective valuation rules by asset class, users or funds.


Powerful reconciliation tool allows reconciling cash and positions by Fund or setup mass reconciliations by prime-broker or administrator. All reconciliation activity are saved and users can take action on each break. Reconciliation can also run automatically.